Thursday, August 19, 2010

I really dont understand MTT variance.

I ended up finishing 2nd in the 20$ Rebuy last night for 4.6k, which was great obviously, but it made me do some thinking.

Every time i feel I am playing well, building up big stacks etc, I end up failing. My last 3 big scores (14k in 55 cubed, 5k in 27 turbo, then this 4.6k in 20$ rebuy) have all been extremely lucky. They haven't been lucky as in me just playing awful and suck out after suck out per say, but in each tournament i was really short and ended up coming back.

In the 55 cubed, i was under 5 BBS with 2 tables left, for me to come back and win that, pretty lucky. In the 27 turbo i was down to under 2 BBS and came back from that, again, lucky. In the 20$ rebuy last night, I ended up losing a huge pot with about 50 left which left me with about 7 BBS, and again, I came back.

I feel like i played the 55 cubed FT very very badly, but managed to stay in it due to pure luck + coolers etc for sure. The 27.50 Turbo i played amazing, but I play those kind of FTS (every1 less than 20 bbs) day in day out, so that should be expected. and then last night in the 20$ rebuy, again, like the 55 cubed, it was a hard field, and I felt i got outplayed completely. There is so much I need to learn at the FT in MTTS. I came in 1/9 and I should have been the aggressor, but I let everyone walk all over me. Last night the FT was just super super aggro and I was folding to 4 bets like everytime, and wasn't picking up big hands etc, so i nitted up a ton. Luckily for me though these kids were putting in 30-60 BBS like it was their job and it allowed me to move up pay spot after pay spot. I literally had less chips heads up then when i started the FT with (came in 1/9, but still). I ended up doubling up quick in the HU match with JJ vs A4, and then got it in with A8 vs A6 for the CL, but he spiked a 6 and that was that.

Anyways, all I am saying is that I am hitting my big scores when i shouldn't, and I am not hitting big scores when I should, it is 100% backwards. I am not bitching, Ill obviously take the money, I just dont understand it at all.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I hate hospitals

I started having pain in my stomach area, about 4 days ago. Saturday night i drink a couple beers, and i spent the whole night puking, and i just overall felt awful, I wasn't drunk, so i knew something was up.

So yesterday i wake up and the pain is worse, so i decide to go to the hospital after scaring myself to death reading on the internet about a strangulated hernia, which i thought i had because I do have a hernia, and the stuff i was going through was v similar to a hernia strangulation (vomiting, nausea, fever, etc)

So anyways, I was in the hospital 2 years ago for a appendectomy, and the memory i had pre surgery was just a lot of waiting, and of course the same thing happened again. I go in and waited like a hour to get registered, then another 2 hours for them to take me back, then another 30 minutes for a nurse to take my vitals and draw blood and make me pee in a cup. Then another hour for a doctor to see me, then another hour for them to take me to get a cat scan, then another 2 hours for them to come back with the results and tell me everything is normal and that I probably just have a virus or a gastrointestinal upset and that I should just go home and rest. I went in around 4pm, and I wasn't out of there till midnight, what a fucking joke. On the upside im just glad everything was fine, and luckily i have health insurance so all i am going to have to pay is 100$ for the ER visit.

So yea, i scared myself to death over something so dumb, thats the way i was a lot when i was younger, but I haven't been that way too much lately. But for whatever reason i scared myself to death over this. I should probably just get my hernia fixed, but after going through surgery 2 years ago its something that I do not want to do because it is just awful. Im sure ill man up sometime soon, but not now.

Anywho, this month has been going pretty decent in poker. I am winning money in sngs, which is great. I finally feel like i got my groove back, and I am up 3,500$ on just 340 games. I really need to put more hours in... playing the way I am now (6-10 tabling) wont get me a lot of volume, but 340 games is roughly 35-40 hours, which in 16 days is just unacceptable. If i treated it like a real job, I could be up double that so far, which is 3,500$, so im just burning money, and lots of it basically at this point.

MTTS have been going meh meh meh. I have built up stacks in a lot and I just haven't been able to close. MTT variance is the most brutal in anything you can do poker wise, so i just have to keep my head up. Only noteworthy score this month is 6th in the 109 turbo for 1g. I am currently still down about 1,500$ in MTTS thus far this month, but I will keep plugging away, especially on the weekends, to try to hit something big. With WCOOP right around the corner, I need to put a lot of volume in this month if i expect my game to be where I want it to be for the start of WCOOP in early September.

But yea, nothing too exciting going on right now