Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Im doin it

Ran some MTTS this morning, ended up getting stacks in a bunch and going deep in a few, I made 2 FTS (27.50 500 cap was 1 of them, and got sucked out on to finish 7th for very little $$) and I also 3 way chopped the 33$ 12.5k GTD

Playing just MTTS and not many of them really allows me to concentrate, def going to continue to do this in the future, 2 MTTS ive chopped in my last 2 MTT sessions now with this method. (lol sample size i know)

Monday, September 27, 2010


Going to start posting music way more often. Music plays a extremely huge part in my life and it's what keeps me sane most of the time.

But yea, ill start with a few songs ive listened to religiously for almost a year now.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Playing well

So a couple hours after i posted my last blog spot, I get motivated to grind a early morning MTT session. Like i stated in the last blog, I did not mix in SNGS. I filled up some volume by adding in some of FTP's early morning GTDS alongside stars. It was very relaxing to grind just MTTS and I was able to concentrate a lot. I ended up going very deep in the 8$ rebuy and 11$ rebuys on stars (like 50thish in both) and I also ended up chopping the 109$ 20k GTD on stars for 4.4k

I thought I played all of the tournament very very well, and in the 109$ 20kGTD I used my stack very well to take control of the FT and just mow every1 over. If it weren't for 1 hand where i tried to bluff all in with K high on a ace high board, I would have won the tournament instead of chopping it, but oh well.

I was down a lot more than i thought, so the score got me almost to breakeven for the month (down 250$ for the month as of now). Pretty frustrating that the last couple months I have hit big scores towards the end of the month and Im always xxx in makeup, and the score puts me like just over breakeven so I am not making a penny off the score basically.

But yea, I am going to continue doing sessions like this, especially early morning MTTS because theres some very nice ones that get good prizepools, and I dont have to deal with many sickos, and the games are just really really soft.

The main event of WCOOP is today, and it finally sank in just now that I should be playing it, sigh

Oh well,

Football in a hour, go Steelers :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My first 500$ and 1k buyins

This month has been crazy with WCOOP going on, and I haven't found much time to relax as MTTS are burning me out very badly, which is the main reason I haven't found the time to make a blog post.

First thing will be a sick variance story, which I don't like doing because I hate when players bitch about variance in general (and hate when I do it myself even more), but this is too sick to not tell.

WCOOP had extreme sattys prior to any events starting, and the ME (5,200$ buyin 10 mill GTD) had a 265$ extreme satty with 25 seats added to the prizepool (130k bonused to the prizepool, which is obviously insane value), so obviously I had to take a shot at it.

The top 91 ended up getting a seat, and I am keeping a healthy chip stack for the duration until it starts to get close, and then every1 is just staaling / nit festing, and I do the same. The blinds are at 600/1200, I am in the BB with a little over 7k in chips, and i have 10's. At this point in time, there is 120 people left, and If i get 1 more double up i will have a top 30 stack (at this time, people are blinding down so the avg stack was not even 10 bbs, i think it was like 10k), and I will basically be gaurnteed a seat. The cutoff shoves all in into 3 stacks smaller than him, me included, and i decide to call because the shover is a pretty well known player who is def capable of shoving here V wide, esp due to the fact he was a big stack and was shoving just about any unopened pot to him. He has Q9o and I am in very good shape. The board runs out J8499 and he hits runner runner 9's to beat me and I am out. If i had won that pot, I would have been playing in the Main event, and Would have a shot at winning over a million bucks, instead I will just be another rail bird. I was very upset for a few days about this, but at the end of the day its poker, and poker has variance, and that is what happened and i just need to shut the fuck up, man up, and keep grinding.

This month has had its up and downs thus far, mostly downs, but I am feeling very optimistic right now. I feel like I have been auto piloting for the whole month, which is why I am down about 3,000$ right now, down about 1.5k in sngs, and 1.5k in MTTS. In sngs I am just putting no effort into my game, I do not want to play, I am forcing myself to play, and the results are speaking for themselves. With MTTS its the same story, except for 500$ and 1k 2 day events that I have played.

When these events happened, I was so focused on the tables because first place is 500k, and It was my first 500$ and 1k buyin, and a lot of money being risked / to be won made me play very good poker. I ended up cashing in both, and running very deep in the 500$ one and ended up getting a 3k score in the 500$ one, and a mincash for 1.8k in the 1k one.

I wasn't that happy with how i played in the 500$ event, but the 1k i felt i played insanely well. I landed a good table draw early, and took full advantage and built up a top 100 stack after about 6-7 hours of playing. I then switch to a table where there were 6 guys who were up at least 300k, including two pokerstars pros (chad brown and Jason mercier), and I felt i played the table as well as I could. I wasn't being outplayed or exploited by any of the guys, and to be able to say I held my own against a table that tough, really boosted my confidence. As we just get ITM i ended up getting it all in vs chad brown on a J10x board, with 2 spades, with KK to his AQ of spades and he hit his flush on the river, pretty standard hand.

But just thinking about this month so far and how I played in the those two events really made me do some self thinking. If i am willing to put that much concentration into those events just because of the buyins, then there is no reason I should not do it in lower buyins. I am auto piloting way too much and I am just costing myself a lot of money in the long run by not playing as well as I could be. I have a few things planned for how I plan on running my sessions, and I think the results will speak for themselves from this point forward.

I am going to load MTTS or SNGS only, I am going to stop mixing them. When i do play I am not going to surf the web, or talk on skype/aim/ w/e. Full 100% concentration on my tables like I should be doing.

Its crazy at how easy you are able to get into bad habits when playing poker, and with the games today, bad habits will lead into downswings very easily. I thinks its very important for people to look at not only how they play poker, but to also evaluate habits that they may or may not have while playing.

As far as life goes, I am going to have a pretty exciting few months coming up. I will be going to state college the first weekend of october to party, and my friend dave is going to be having a pig roast that Saturday afternoon. Im really looking forward to going to State College as that place is probably the best party town in the world, at least in my experiences. I will also be going to buffalo for a steelers game, Atlantic city, Washington DC for a pens game, Seven springs, and the Bahamas for PCA. I dont travel at all, especially out of the state, so having like 5 things planned in the next 3 months is pretty exciting for me. 3 of the trips are out of the state, and 1 of the trips is out of the country, I haven't been out of the state in honestly 3 years, when i Went to Atlantic city when i just turned 21. And as far as out of the country, I have only been out of the country once, and it was Canada when i was like 13 years old, and Canada doesn't really even count as far as out of the country trips are concerned.

But yea, thats all for now. I will def make more of a effort to start posting more, I have a lot of stuff I want to write about and I never get around to it, and then by the time i actually do make a blog post, I forget about all the stuff I wanted to write about.