Monday, March 29, 2010


The bar tour at Penn State was awesome. We all went to the Brewery Friday night, which was cool just to be with friends that i haven't seen in a while. Then Saturday, we started drinking at 11 PM. It was my roommate Dave's cousin Nate's bar tour, there was about 40 of us. Just about all of us got shitty by 5pm, and didn't end drinking till about 11 PM. The bouncers weren't letting a lot of us in by the end of the night. I remember leaving The Den to go out for a cig, and i was rambling with the bouncer for like 5 minutes, and i was pretending to be a bouncer with him whenever people were trying to get in (why? i have no idea). When my cig was done, i was like soooo, am i allowed back in? He just looks at me and laughs, "no chance". I took a bunch of pictures, ill probably upload them on facebook soon.

My deal with draqq's PF says i need 3k games a month in order to keep my salary. Right now I am at 1,700 with 3 days left. 1,300 games in 56 hours is redic, im basically going to have to play non stop. I know i can do it, and i will, i just started loading games, and i dont plan on stopping until about 10 pm tommorow night, which will be about 30 hours straight. Im hoping to knock out 1k games in the 30 hour session, then do the other 300 when i wake up on Wednesday.

Its really unfair to draqq's PF to put this kind of volume in with a short amount of time left. I was super busy this month, so hopefully he understands. I will probably throw them some extra money, especially if i lose a good bit in the next 3 days. I feel really bad, and i will make up for it next month with good quality volume the whole month.

Ill throw in some updates on my progress in this marathon of a session, its going to be a looooooong grind, but im up for it :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 weeks

Can't believe i haven't updated this blog in three weeks! Its been a busy 3 weeks though, so understandable. I had a lot of stuff i wanted to blog down in the past three weeks, but wont be able too because its not fresh on my mind. I am for sure going to start blogging more often, its nice to put my thoughts on paper, it relaxes me and it feels good to put my emotions into writing. For now though, ill try to recap the last 3 weeks as best i can.

I am very happy with the new place so far. Adam and Dave have been easy to live with roommates for the most part, and i have no complaints thus far. We are in the south side of Pittsburgh, so I am loving the location. I haven't gone out too much since the move, but, its awesome not worrying about who the driver is going to be, or how were getting home, because I am just a few blocks away from my bed. The only thing that I am disappointed with so far, is how lazy i have been committing to the move. I am so fucking lazy it makes me sick sometimes. I have yet to put curtains up on either of my windows, i am using a bed sheet to cover one of them. I have yet organized my clothes, i piled a bunch in my dresser, hung some up, still got a bunch that are in my car, and a lot that are dirty and need washed. The list goes on and on, basically aside from my computer desk, everything else is so unorganized for me. I am making a promise to myself, that i will get everything done, that needs done, before i leave for State College on Friday.

So yeah, im going to go to PSU this weekend for the yearly bar tour that my roommates cousin (Dave) Nate does every year. I am SOOOOOO excited, I haven't been at PSU in what seems like forever, and im excited to obviously drink my face off Saturday, but more importantly, see a lot of my friends that i don't get too see that often anymore. Should be a blast.

As far as poker is concerned, March has been a awful month for me so far. My volume has been AWFUL, and i am not running so good either. First, the move and everything that goes with that obviously took up a good bit of time. Also with my PF that im managing, i had to take on a lot more students to coach. Plus hanging out and drinking with my friends etc. Even with as busy as i was this month, i could have put in more volume, and i need to work on having a better work ethic.

On the flip side of things, I am very happy with how the PF is going, and how my students have been doing this month. Theres about 10 guys total that we have signed for deals with staking + coaching now. About 6 of them have been with us the whole month, and those 6 guys are up about 7k total for the month. A couple of them are making more money than i am this month. I cant wait to see my students and the PF to progress. For such a long time, SNGMentors had a hammerlock on the biggest staking/coaching site. The goal is not to compete with them obviously, but I think what we have going will become better than SNGMentors. I feel we have better coaches, better organization, etc, and i think it will show on the horses. Even though my play has been unmotivated as of late, i am really motivated when it comes to coaching and making my students better, and i cant wait to see how they turn out.

But yea, that will do it for now, heres my graph in SNGS for the month so far. With me being gone most of the weekend, and having to reach 3k games b4 the end of the month, i will be pretty busy busting out some games to end the month. Cant believe im not even halfway to 3k games yet, sigh.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Deal

So i re worked my backing deal with Draqq's PF group. My current deal right now is 75/25 cut my favor, which is good, but i got a new deal that fits me better imo.

The new deal is a 2k salary, that i can cash out at the start of each month, so im gaurnteed 2k a month no matter how good/bad i do.

After i make 2k in a month, i ship them back 100% of the first 2k, and then any profits for the rest of the month go 60/40 my favor.

So if i made 6k in one month, the first 2k would be my salary, and then i would keep 60% of the other 4k (2,400) and they would get 1,600. On the old deal 75% of a full 6k is 4,500$, so i would be losing out on 100$ if i profited 6k, and more than 6k i would lose out on a bit more.

I also have a game requirement i must reach in order to keep my salary, which is 3k games, which i fully plan on making each month. So with that kind of volume, making over 6k each month in sngs should happen just about every month, but this deal is better for me for a few reasons.

A - the game requirements. 3k games is about 100 a day, which is about 5-6 hours of playing, or about 40 hours a week, just like a real job. Without this game requirement, i wouldn't have the motivation, and i would fall short of 3k games on most months. This will make me play more, which will increase my profits/rakeback for the month, which should make me more money.

B - I am moving out, and i need to start be responsible with my money, and my profession as a poker player. The 2k a month alone would alone cover bills / expenses. Not too mention with 3k games, i would be making somewhere around 1.5k a month in rakeback, plus with my PF that just kicked off, that should be at least another 1k a month. So if you do the math, if i profit 2k or less in sngs in a given month (which would be running extremly bad), I would still be making roughly 4.5k a month anyways. So with this kind of a deal, it doesn't matter how badly i run, i gaurntee myself to make 4.5k a month, which is 50k a year, not too shabby.

So basically, 50k is the absolute worse year i could have, but my goal for this year is twice that. I am aiming to make 100k by the end of the year, and i fully intend on doing so.

So time to grind imo

Monday, March 1, 2010

Moved in my bed last night, which is probably the hardest thing to move into a new place, and all went good so happy about that.

I met up with Adam at the place last night around 6 pm to help each other move our beds in, our friend Jarred came to help as well. Somewhat funny story before i get into that though.

We dropped off the money Saturday night before going out, and he said that he would leave the house keys in the mailbox for us the next day. When we got there, there were no keys in the mailbox, the front door was unlocked but there was something behind it that was keeping the door budged in.

We call up Jason and he says yeah, i put a 2x4 behind it because the house got broken into and that he would be right up. So while we wait, we were second guessing ourselves that this was the right area to move into, who the hell would want people breaking into your place?

When Jason got there, he made it sound like no big deal, and that it happens to him all the time. Adam and myself just looked at each other like we need to back out of this place if its that bad. Jason then continues to go on and say its nothing we need to worry about, because these guys break into vacant homes only. Here's how the conversation went basically.

Me: So if we were living there they wouldn't break in?
Jason: No no, you guys are cool, they only do vacant homes
Me: Why vacant homes?
Jason: Well, basically, there a bunch of crack heads who need to make a quick buck so they look up vacant homes in the area and they steal the plumbing
Adam: Just the plumbing? They don't take anything else?
Jason: Nah, just the plumbing. If you think about it, with a refrigerator or something, they need to move it, then get it on a truck, and its just a lot of work and time. Basically there just trying to make a quick 50 dollars so they can get high as quickly as possible.

So yea, crackheads stole our plumbing so they could get high, Jason is obviously taking care of that though.

But yea, got my bed into my room with no problems and the move has begun. I have a CRN evaluation tomorrow morning (need to get it done because its court ordered because of my DUI) at 8 AM and its down on Forbes ave, so ill be close to our place so i plan on moving some more stuff in tomorrow morning. I bought a new computer desk which ill build there tomorrow, and hopefully i can get some other stuff in like my night stand, some clothes, etc etc. I wont be moving my computer, or living there for that matter, until the internet is up. My job as a poker player pretty much means i can not live without the internet. Dave called today and set up a appointment, not sure when it is, but hopefully its done within a week.

On the poker side of things im very excited for March. February was a god awful month for me and i only made about 5,000. I really need to put in a lot more volume and i plan on doing that all of March.

Im in a team 45 man competition and the only buyins that count are 12$ and under, so i plan on playing nothing but 12$ 45's all month long, and i hope to make at least 7-8k doing so. I know its stupid to not grind out the 27-38's as well, but when playing higher buyins i get uneasy about being in for over 1,000$ every session, and i end up quiting the session to avoid potentially losing over a thousand dollars. With 12$ 45's, its almost impossible to ever be in for more then 500-600$, let alone 1k. So i figure with playing this way, ill play more games, longer hours, and make more money.

Heres a link to the competition

Also another reason im excited is because of the launch of the PF i will be managing.

Basically a online friend of mine (Reasons14) and myself are pooling students for this, and we will be staking and coaching them. Xboxlucas / tbonelv3 and possibly wynnkid will be other investors on it as well. Reasons threw 4k into it, xbox and myself threw 2k into it, and tbone and wynnkid havent thrown anything in it yet, but both are supposed to be in it for 2k. This is a good way to invest some money, and our goal is to see a 100% roi each month on our initial investment. So basically each month ill have 2k invested, and at the end of the month is when we will see profit returns It wont be a 100% ROI for 2k on the first month, and then the 2nd month 100% for 4k, it will just be the same each month. Im not sure if we will reach 100% roi, but i def think at worse it will be 50%. Either way i should be making at least 15k off this project a year, possibly more if its as successful as it potentially can be. Ill have more info on this in a few days or so and will def keep blogging on the progress we are making with this.

But yea, thats it for now, heres my FEB graph for SNGS. Also made a good bit in cash this month + a little profit in MTTS. About 5k total for the month.