Sunday, March 20, 2011


So Lupe Fiasco's CD came out a week or so ago and ive been listening to it a lot lately. Overall the CD is very very good.

I am not happy with how many beat samples he had, and his hit single "The show goes on" has a hook that resembles Float on by Modest Mouse way too much. He wasn't original enough when it came to how the music sounded IMO, but having said that the CD is still very good, and every song has a powerful message and I respect Lupe and how he goes about making his music a ton. Its tough to get into mainstream nowadays as a rapper if your not rapping about weed money and woman, and its exciting to hear somebody like lupe that goes outside the box and has actual lyrics to the music.

If you haven't heard this song yet, your missing out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Money Money Money

I am mixed with emotions about how the past couple of months have been going for me. I feel my poker game is improving at a high speed, and I never felt better about how I am playing and approaching the game. Everything else, including results in poker, have been awful.

SNG wise im on a STD downswing, can't really complain as I have been there in SNGS a bunch. But god have MTTS been a disappointing. I feel I am playing at a very high level, just to get fucked late in MTTS. I am on my biggest downswing right now in MTTS, and combined with my SNG downswing im on over a 10k downswing which has never happened to me before. At the stakes I have been playing, it happens to everybody, so I won't really bitch about it, but poker really is very hard mentally and be extremely frustrating at times. I have 25k in cashes for my bap with 30k in buyins (roughly). I have some ok 1-3k ish scores while this BAP has ran, but I just haven't been able to get anything going consistently, or a huge score to put me up a decent ammt. It sucks but it is what is it.

My one roommate Adam moved out in mid Feb about a month ago, because our lease was ending at the end of Feb, and his dad is rich and bought him a house so he moved there. Dave and I chose to do the 2 month extension which puts us here till the end of April, to help give us more time to figure out what to do, and I personally am struggling to figure out what to do.

Dave is hands down one of my best friends, I love the kid to death, but he is impossible to live with. Hes cheap, he doesn't clean up after himself, and he can't be alone. I hate living with him, and he hates living with me. My schedule is weird, and he has alone issues so that sucks for him. With Adam, he was a neat freak. I would do my part, clean the two mutual rooms, do my dishes, clean my pots, and just let daves sit. Dave and Adam got into so many fights about it, because Adam couldn't stand dishes or pots in the sink and ended up cleaning up Daves stuff cause Dave literally just doesn't clean up after himself. Now here I am, stuck doing what Adam had to do and bitching about it. I wont even get into the cheap part because its redic at how much the kid mooches. We need a 3rd roommate, or living with him with just us 2 is not a option. Im pretty sure he feels the same way so it shouldn't be hard news to break or anything. Were great friends, nothing is going to change that, but we both know were not compatible to live together with just us 2. Clock is ticking though and I need to figure out where I am going to be living in a month and a half.

Moving on,

I just got back from a 1 week trip to Atlantic city. Atlantic city had the Harrahs WSOP circuit there that week, and I went out there with 3 buddys, 1 who plays poker semi prof, and the other 2 just went to have a good time. I don't want to drag this post on with the storys I have from AC, so ill keep it short.

Poker wise I got 13th in a borgata 120$ tourney for about 400$. The next Day I won a 120$ tourney at caesars for about 3,250. I played 2 circuit ring event 350$ buyins, another 120$ caesars, and I also played the main event for 1650. I only risked 700$ in the main cause I had pieces sold, So in tournaments I won about 2k. I also won about 1k in cash games which puts me up about 3k for the trip in poker. Due to degenning in blackjack and roulette, plus somewhat high expenses, I walked away from the trip up 100$.

I felt great with how I played live, made 2 deep runs, and played my first big live buyin, which i played amazing in. I built up a big stack quick and then lost a bunch of flips and 60/40s when blinds got a bit higher, people were making light light shoves on my aggressive image, and everytime I got it in it was a flip or I was a 60/40 favorite, I lost all 4 showdowns I was involved in. Nothing I could have done about it, I feel I played 1 hand bad that whole tournament, which was a pot i won with aces, and just overall loved the way I played my first big live tournament.

I want to practice live for the real show, which is Vegas, so me and a poker buddy of mine (bigbluffzinc) are going to go down to st louis april 1st - april 10th to play the WSOP circuit down there.

Shout outs to the people I met in AC, especially phillycoach, AJ, and Rooney. Nice meeting all you guys.

But on to the end of this long post, and the thread title says it all... MONEY MONEY MONEY.

I have to pay my taxes, move into a new place and probably upfronting 6 months of rent, staying in st louis for 10 days, and living in vegas for 5 weeks. Not too mention the bills I already have. Did I also mention this is all happening within the next 2-3 months?

Luckily I have a good ammt saved up, but this is really going to hurt me a lot. I never get more motivated in my life with poker then when I need money though, so I am planning on everything working itself out with a sick work ethic grinding bread and butter games.

I am grinding 16$ 18 mans right now for a prop bet that I can get 20% ROI over a 5k game sample before the end of April. Just a small friendly prop with a few closer poker buddys. I am getting some shit for it because A - they think its money down the drain and its not possible, and B, and more importanly, - they think its a waste of my time, and Im better off just grinding the 27-114's.

Maybe there right, maybe Im in over my head and think the 16's are way softer than they actually are. I dont know, time will tell to see how good of a idea this was, or if it was in fact, a complete waste of time.

I still plan on doing 100 or so MTTS a week too, so who knows what can happen there.

Its going to be all work for me, life and poker, from here till the end of April. The ST louis trip will be somewhat of a vacation I suppose, but I still plan on playing poker 12+ hours a day down there, whether its live or online, so I wouldn't really classify it as a full vacation.

But yeah, I am motivated, I am ready to grind, lets do this.