Thursday, July 29, 2010

Been a good July thus far.

Been the best month of my year by far. Ill try to recap it best I can.

First, starting with RL shit, i went to see Tom petty last Saturday. Concerts never really appealed to me, and tbh this is the first real concert I have been too. It was soooooooo much fun and i regret turning down concert invites in the past from friends. Tom Petty has always been one of my fav bands and Im glad I got to see them, because they're getting pretty old and prob wont be doing this much longer. They were amazing.

Besides that, nothing really too exciting, just the same old stuff mostly. Had a few all day in the sun and pool drinking days, which are the best imo, but yea nothing too exciting.

About 2 weeks ago, I ended up going over a poker buddys house (eljay42 on stars) to grind. He lives like 30 minutes away from me and we have been tryin to meet up for a while, and it finally happened. Jcar9271 was also there, who is a 18 man grinder from Australia, but is in the USA for the summer just traveling city to city, which is awesome. It was the first time i ever grinded with other poker people in the same room before, and it was a interesting, and fun experience. Playing with other people in the same house really motivates you to play more, and its awesome to actually get to talk to people about poker while your playing, and have people share your beats and your suckouts etc. It also makes you play better I think. Eljay and Jcar were both really really cool people, and similar to myself. Laid back, sarcastic, etc. TBH i have this mentality that every online poker player I am going to meet is going to be very awkward and socially inexperienced, but all 3 that I have met so far (including Gonewiththedogs from a month ago) have been really really cool, and I think its very judgemental of me to think that way and I should probably stop that. But yea, was a awesome time, I ran bad as hell but eljay ended up making a somewhat deep run in the milly, and Jcar shipped the 5.50 rubix for 7k, and i had swap with them for 5% for any 4 digit score, so the extra 400$ reduced the variance a bit. Jcar will be back in town soon and we are planning on doing it again this upcoming Sunday, so should be fun again.

As far as poker goes, to start July i was playing / running soooooooooooo bad. I was down about 5k. I really reflected on my game though, and made some changes. SNG wise i really cut down the # of tables I am playing. I am used to 20-40 tabling, and it just has not been working for me. so i started to 6-10 table and I have seen waaaaaaaay better results. I feel I am finally playing great, and i expect this too continue. Here are my stats since i decided to switch it up

Frenzuh Click for details 220 $11 $18 64% $2,372

As far as MTTS go, i was down almost 4k in them earlier, but just one bink and your right in the black, and thats what I did. I ended up shipping the 27.50 turbo a few days ago for almost 5k, and i am ending the month up about 750$ in MTTS. I am not going to play anymore MTTS till August 1st over eljays.

But yea, poker has been a decent month, I am not up a ton per say, but I know what I am doing is going to increase my profit / results, and I am looking forward to seeing how much money there is to be made 6-10 tabling. After i get a decent sample, i will switch it to 12-16 tabling till I have a decent sample in that, and determine which is better for me for my optimal hourly.

Also grats to Msusyr24 for winning the first half of our prop bet. 2k is a lot of money to me, and it went right to him. He seems like hes super motivated going into the last stretch for this year, so i need to step up if i want any chance of winning, or at least doing damage control and winning the 2nd half. Worse comes to worse ill buy out at the end of september, but i really need to step it up.

But yea, thats it for now,


Monday, July 12, 2010

Month or so recap.

Last few weeks of my life poker wise have been going pretty well, and i can't really complain about life a whole lot either.

About 2 weeks ago i hit my biggest online score to date, I won the 55$ cubed on stars for 13,775$, on the same day I also got 2nd in the 44$ turbo for a little over 2k, as well as winning 1.5k in sngs.

I am still down in sngs the last couple of months, it has been mentally frustration, so I really needed this score to boost my confidence. I have been working a ton on my MTT game lately, and with the coaching from scaphism, it has been paying off. I have several 4 digit scores since i decided to get coaching, and to take MTT's more serious, and it has been the best decision in my poker career. There is so much dead money in MTTS its unbelieveable, and by the start of next year i really hope i set myself in a posistion to where I am not grinding out SNGS the way i am now.

All is not lost in SNGS though, i honestly feel like I know what is causing my breakeven stretch. It easily has to do with focus, and # of tables. I am a 18% ROI player in the 27-38's this year for 45's. I am one of the top earners in those games on stars, but i have been struggling with 45's. The reason is because when i play those games, either i move them aside and focus on them more if im mixing them along with 12's or w/e, or i am just playing those games with fewer tables. I am playing 6/12's sooooo robotic that its not even funny, and i am not giving enough credit to the new regs that play those games, and it is showing in my stats (a whopping 3% ROI for the year in 6/12's).

I am tired of being in makeup with my SNG backers, I am tired of letting them down month in month out. I haven't put a ton of volume in July yet, but i know i will, i feel as motivated as ever right now. I am actually looking forward to grinding, a feeling i haven't had in a long time.

Enough with online though.

Rivers casino opened up with table games on Thursday, and i must say i was both pleased and dissapointed with it, mostly dissapointment.

Heres my good n bad list about the place


- Local live place 5 mins away
- Soft games
- Plenty of players
- Plenty of action, biggest game was 10/20 NLHE
- Free parking


- Dealers are awful, there were 2 dealers who would be accepted in any other casino basically, both were chicks.
- Rules are stupid, especially the no bet line. The travelling button rule is retarded too.
- Pay for drinks

It was very disorganized, which should be expected i guess in the first month or so. But hey, with games as soft as those, i cant really bitch, i just hope they get their shit straight asap. They don't have tournaments yet, which is a bummer, but i can't wait till they do, should be very very +ev fields. I ended up winning 300$ on thursday night, and i also went Saturday night too, but lost 400$ that night (AK of hearts < 104 of clubs (yes 10 fucking 4 lol) on a Q105 board, 10 and 5 of hearts, for a 600$ pot, all in on the flop, bricked turn river)

I also met gonetothedogs on Saturday, who is a member on I have been on that site for a year and half now, and he was the first person i actually met from there in real life, so was a cool experience lol, and fwiw hes a really cool and great guy.

As far as life goes, im done with my rambling that i have done in the past. Life is good, life will always be good. Too many stories to fit into one blog post, so i wont bother.

One thing i am upset at myself with, is my weight though. I had a goal at the start of the year to be down to like 180 right now, and i am nowhere close. I have actually gained weight. I started to diet yesterday and i am calorie counting which is a pain in the ass. I am trying to stay around 1,500 calories each day for this week, and after the first week a lot of the water weight should be gone, so I will start to excercise a lot more, and increase my calories after that so i have energy. My lifestyle is just so unhealthy right now, eating a lot, not excercising, which causes me to sleep all the time and get bigger in the process. I need to change my lifestyle now or I am going to wakeup 1 year from now weighing almost 300 pounds.

But yea, I will def start to keep this blog more updated, especially with all this motivation i have been getting lately, def want to write all this stuff down on my progress with poker and with my life.

But thats it for now,