Friday, May 14, 2010

Life is sucking

Well not really, but its been a hard few weeks.

To continue on the bank situation, i went into PNC a few days after the incident, and bitched them out for a few minutes and closed my account there. I looked around for a Bank of America around Pittsburgh to be my new bank, but i found out that all of the locations i found on goggle, have been closed for a couple years, and that there is no BOA around Pittsburgh, or at least the part of Pittsburgh i am from. I ended up choosing a small local bank in the South hills of Pittsburgh, so hopefully its better. Just got my checks and debit card, going to deposit onto Poker Stars with echecks tomorrow, and then sometime early next week i should be able to cash out with echecks directly into my bank. Takes 1-2 business days for the funds to get into my bank, so im crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly and my new bank does not give me problems, because i do not want to deal with this again. In the meantime, i have been mailing checks, and cashing them at walmart. Walmart is a beautiful thing. I will probably use both echecks, and cashing checks at walmart for about a month, just incase my bank decides to be gay and refuse the money because the activity is "suspicious". As far as walmart goes, they could give a fuck, so its nice knowing i always have the option to cash checks at walmart.

Life hasn't been too exciting lately, my good friends are getting way too old for their age imo. We had a big party this past Saturday, where we had around 20 people over, and partied till 4 AM, had a ton of fun, and had 4 people call the cops for noise complaints, etc, but those kind of nights will happen maybe once a month or two, and i want to do that shit 2 times a week (minus the noise complaints obv).

But yea, were all 22-24 years old, most coming right out of college, and they are all settling down already. Every single one of my best friends, with 1 exception who is up at PSU all year, is involved in a serious serious relationship. Most have real day jobs now, working the 9-5, and spending the majority of their free time with their GFS. No1 wants to go out and party all night anymore, there all in relationships now so when we do drink its always at some1's house playing NHL or something because they dont feel the need to go to a bar because they dont want to talk to chicks anymore, and its too expensive, etc. And when we do go to a bar its some dive bar to play pool or sit and watch TV or something. No strip clubs, no dance clubs, just old men bars.

Im not sure if they are growing up too fast, or if im growing up too slow. I dont know if its because they have "real jobs" and GFS, and i dont. I don't know what the reason is, all i know is they are all content with settling down, and i am not ready to settle down, and it sucks that all of my best friends are not on board with me. I am 23 years old, who the fuck wants to settle down at 23? I am not going to be able to make it out to vegas for the whole month of June, due to the bank problems + my DUI classes, but i need to get out there for a week or two, i really need it.

As far as poker goes, its just adding to the pile of things that i am not happy with. I am down almost 2 grand since the start of April in SNGS. I ended up losing a couple hundred in april, and i am down like 1,500 in May so far. I am running so fucking bad. I am looking over my HH's about 2-3 times a week, and i am honestly playing fine each session. I get 2-3 outted so much, cant win flips, cant win 60/40's... nothing at all is working out for me. I have been lucky with not hitting the bad bad side of variance, ever, and now i am experiencing it. I keep grinding each day, i cant bitch, i just got to grind through it.

On the bright side of things, i picked up a MTT coach, Scaphism (joemac17 on stars).

I have had 1 session with him so far, and it was awesome to listen to him explain his thought process behind hands, and just hearing a pro MTT player talk about MTTS in general was awesome. In the 1 session i felt i learned a ton, and cant wait to own MTTS soon. I am down like 500$ so far in May in MTTS, which isn't too bad considering i have played a lot of MTTS. I have FT'd a couple MTTS, gone to final 2 tables in a couple more, getting rlly close to 5k+ scores etc, just unable to close it out etc. But yea, hopefully my game progresses the way i want it too with scaph's help, and i can become a very solid MTT player, cuz the hourly in MTT's fucking owns the hourly in SNGS. Would be so much more money for me in the long run if i got really good at them.

To end this horrible ramble of a blog post, i am going to need to add on to the ramble.

I went over my parents for Mothers day Sunday. Out dog chance looked awful, was walking into walls, pissing on the floor, and what hit me the hardest was, he didn't even recognize me anymore. Hes been deaf for about 3 years now, and has had impartial cataracts in his eyes for about 2 years. But he always wagged his tail and still recognized me and showed me love. It really hit me hard to see him like that, hes been in life since i can remember, was a part of nearly all of my child hood, and there he is, in front of my eyes, dying.

My mom and myself were the only two people who ever cared about him, my other two brothers, and especially my dad, never liked him. So obviously at the dinner table, My mom and myself talked about him while they just carried on. My dad actually made a joke about it, and i flipped on him for a good minute. My dad can be such a asshole sometimes.

She said she was going to put him down for his 16th birthday on May 26th, if he makes it that far. I agreed and said theres no way he should live like this, he cant even see anymore. So hopefully he makes it till then, and My mom and me will go to the vet to get him put down. Im pretty emotional about it, and dont know how im going to handle myself when it actually happens. But i would hate myself if i wasn't there for it, so ill just be a man like im supposed too and hopefully hide the emotions in front of my mom.

But yea, hopefully future posts arent this depressing, im usually optimistic + care free + full of fun etc. I will always love living life, and even though my life is pretty miserable right now, my spirits are still high, as they always will be. Hopefully shit just turns around in a lot of the shit in my life, thats all.