Monday, December 27, 2010

New Layout

No idea what im doing but I think it looks a lot better... Wanted to post some pictures just to have em up but some of em aren't that good so most will get replaced.

Also have a couple of new gadgets, letting anonymous people make comments, etc... will fool around with it more in the future.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Such a good song

When i went to see the Wiz Khalifa show, his opening act was Mac Miller. I heard a couple of songs by him prior to the concert, but I didn't really hear too much of his shit. After the concert I did some research on him, and this song is fucking dope. Relates to my own life a ton, so i connect with the song more than most would, but I think most people would like this song anyways.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays

Yeah yeah, I really need to update this thing more often. The last 2 months have been going pretty great, and I have a lot to update.

First off, I went to the Steeler game a month or so ago in Buffalo. Nothing really exciting, but just wanted to post how surprised I was with the bills fan base. This team is literally the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NFL. They have sucked for so many years. My friends and I were full expecting their fan base to blow nuts, but surprisingly it was the best NFL atmosphere I have seen/been at (Although that is limited to two citys, which is Pittsburgh and now Buffalo, But Pittsburgh's fan base and atmosphere is insane too, so it does mean something). So hats off to Buffalo for not being bandwagons and rooting on your team no matter how shitty it is.

Also, last week I saw my favorite rapper, Wiz Khalifa, perform right here in Pittsburgh. The crowd was mostly teenagers, and a lot of them were coming up to us asking for us to buy them beer (we obviously said no), which was kind of annoying, but once Wiz got on the stage, the place was nuts. The venue only held like 2,500 people, which was awesome because it creates a more personal feel to it instead of a huge concert of 10k+. He played a ton of his classics, including my favorite "the thrill". The crowd for the most part knew every single one of the songs (the people i was with were bandwagons, knew black and yellow, and maybe 2 others, but the rest of the place was legit). I snuck in two blunts and there may be nothing better then getting high and listening to Wiz live. He had a ton of energy, the crowd had a ton of energy, and overall id rate the concert a 10/10 , was very pleased with it.

On to poker though.

I am very very pleased with how my motivation, and how I am playing the games has been going the past few months. I am fucking killing SNGS right now. I am up almost 12k alone for December right now, and I dont plan on slowing down to end this year. I have 2 big prop bets to win, and the extra cash would be oh so nice.

The first prop bet, which i explained in a blog post earlier this year, is with Msusyr24. The other Is with Thrash370.

The bet with Alex was for sng profit in 2010. We bet 2k on the first half of the year (Which he won, and he got his money in early July). 2k on the 2nd half of the year, and 2k for the whole year. If you won all 3, you would win 8k instead of 6k.

Coming into the Month I was pretty far behind, But with Alex being super busy (He just had a baby, among other things) and combined with me tearing up sngs this month, I actually have a legit shot at this now. I have a pretty big lead for the 2nd half of the year, so at worse the bets will cancel out and no one would owe the other anything. But if I am able to win most profit for the year, I will be receiving 4k from Alex (2k profit total for the bet, but that 2k i paid him is long gone, so Ill view it as a 4k profit at this point.)

The bet with Thrash370 is for 1k for most sng profit in the Month of december.

Heres a screenshot of the progress on both bets.

What saved me, SNG wise, is defintly lowering my tables. I see so many players, that are so stubborn (myself included before I made the change) that just wont lower there tables. Unless your going for SNE (and you 6-12$ grinders, this is especially true for you) and the rakeback you make is worth the lower ROI% and $$$ per game, then theres just no reason to 30-40 table. Play less tables, move up in limits, and you will make a ton more money. I wont get into how I play them as that would take forever, but let this screenshot be proof of how badly you can crush games (July 22nd is when I switched to 8-12 tabling, and I have not put in anywhere near the amount of volume as I could have)

MTTS have been a struggle lately, but the swing im on is super standard and I have been focusing most of my time on SNGS so I am not worried about it in the slightest bit. I will continue to play SNGS until the year is over, mixing in a couple of MTTS here and there, and i fully plan on crushing all games in 2011.

But yea, 2010 is ending, I am very happy with how I am ending it, but overall I am not happy with how the year went. This was the first year I played poker full time, and I learned a ton of stuff that will prepare me better for having a killer 2011 and so on. I don't have time right now, but soon I will make another blog post to see how badly I did on my goals lol.

But yea, the holidays are approaching. I hope everybody enjoys their xmas and new years eve,

take care,