Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moving on out

We got a call from Jason last night, and we are moving out! pretty excited.

The move out won't even be that expensive which is nice. My brother and his girlfriend bought a new bed when they moved in together, so im buying my brothers old bed for 200$. Its a queen size, mattress bed frame bed skirts etc all included, so saving a ton on that. My parents are giving me their old pot and pan set, 2 couches which are really nice leather couches, they are kind of old though and they have been wanting to buy new ones for a while, so this gives them a reason, and also im allowed to take my dresser and night stand and some hangers as well.

Adam is bringing his cup and china set, which has silverware too, and a knife set.. He also has a toaster / coffee maker / a huge TV for the living room. Im pretty sure he has other things like a lawnmower and snow plow too.

So basically all i ran the numbers, this is what im expecting to spend immediatly for the move out.

Bed - 200$
New Desk - 100$
Misc items Shared(garbage bags/garbage cans/cleaning stuff/etcetc) - 100$ , i figured 3 ways max wed spend is about 300$
Misc items to self (lamp/lights/mini fridge/hygiene stuff/etc) - 200$
Food for 1st week or so - 100$

But yea, we pretty much have all the biggys, so normally one would spend somewhere around 1,500 - 3,000$ to get all the stuff they need to move out. Furniture, TV, bed, potspans and china. And basically, we have all of that stuff covered. So i am looking at less than 1,000$ for the initial move out, which is awesome. Ill upload pics when i get a chance, i should be moving throughout the week, i prob wont rent a uhaul, so however many trips it takes me is fine. I dont plan to live there until we get internet up anyways.

My friend Brad got engaged this past week, were going out tonight to celebrate, should be another shit show. I have a lot of friends who have had long time girlfriends etc, this is the first one who actually got engaged, guess im getting to that age now where a lot of my friends will be popping the Q.

Last night my friends didn't want to go out because of the snow, and i didn't feel like staying in, i was too excited about the news of moving out, so i went to library firehall to play some live poker. I forgot how bad live poker was, i dont think i played that well, but getting KK vs 66 on a K 10 10 6 5 board helped. Ended up winning 300$ in 4 hours.

But yea, playing poker until i go out tonight, wake up hungover and play poker all day tommorow, thats my weekend gameplan. And i should start moving my shit into the place first thing Monday, cant wait :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good fortune.

Ok, so im up almost 2,000$ in the last 4-5 days on stuff that i normally don't do (aka non sngs) and it feels pretty damn good.

First, Thursday night last week after i got back from the moose, i sat down at 3 tables of PLO/PLHE against the same guy in order to try and hit a milestone hand. If you don't know what a milestone hand is, basically Poker Stars was having a promotion for dealing their 40 billionth hand, and every 1 million hands between like 39 bill and 40 bill, they had a "milestone hand". All players who put their money into the pot would receive a portion of the winnings. The winner receives like 66%, and the losers split 33%. And how much they bonus depends on the size of the pot.

Anyways, so there i am 3 tabling this guy, we were at two tables at 25/50 cents. and 1 table at 50c/1$. After about 5 minutes im up 50$ at the 50c/1$ table, and about 40$ between the other 2 tables, about 90$ total, and all of a sudden our 50c/1$ table becomes full and the game was paused. I was shocked i was actually dealt into the milestone hand, and the fact it happened at the bigger stakes game we were playing was good fortune too. Theres literally thousands of cash tables up, and i was at 3 of them, and our table hit. So there i am with 63o for the milestone hand, talk about a monster. You dont receive any bonus if you fold your hand, so obviously we get it all in. He ends up boating with Q10o and i lose the hand. He, as the winner, received almost 1,800$ in bonus money, and me as the loser, received almost 900$! Felt pretty damn good.

Then last night, i was playing my friend Justin (xboxlucas on stars) in 50$ PLO heads up last night, we were playing 4 tables at a time. I ran pretty hot and took him for almost 400$. I was running pretty damn hot and i remember thinking like i was unstoppable, so i late reg'd into the 55.00$ Turbo at 2:35 (late reg ended at 2:40). If you ever late reg'd into a turbo MTT then you would know you start off with less then 10 BBS. i tripled up like my 3rd hand into it. And i ended up final tabling it. I lost a flip (i shoved K9 of diamonds on the button with 8 BBS, got called by 5's from the BB) and i went out in 6th place for about 850$. First place was almost 4k in that tourney, and if i would have won that flip, and with my edge on a soft table like that, my chances to take that tourney down were pretty high. Sucks, but im not complaining.

On the life side of things, Adam is going to call Jason (landlord) tonight about the place we want to move into, and is going to tell him Dave is back in. So hopefully we get the place and can move in sometime over the weekend. Adam and myself are looking at another place tommorow night anyways just because it looks very nice based on the ad on Craigs list. We already decided that if we find a better place than the one were probably going to move into, that well take it. We will sign the lease tommorow night if we like it enough. So yeah, well see what happens, but i really want to move out, so hopefully i am packing this weekend if everything goes according to plan.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week recap

So the week went pretty good. Adam and myself looked at another place on Wednesday. It was right in the south side flats, which is nice. But everything else about the place was unattractive. It was old, bedrooms were small, living room small, etc. For 1,200 a month i think we can do so much better so were not even going to consider it.

Thursday night we go to the moose for free wing night, and it was Dave Adam and myself. Dave is now saying how he changed his mind again, and he wants to move in with us. Seriously, we could have had house keys already, now your changing your mind when they are on vacation for 2 weeks (the landlords). I understand moving out is a big decision, but he lied to get out of it the first time to sign the lease. If he did that a second time, i would flip. We will see what happens though, Adam and me were planning on taking the place anyways with just us 2, assuming they let us. With Dave as a third person, it would make things cheaper. Basically Adam and me decided count Dave out, and if he decides to come along then so be it. Were not going to depend on him being a 3rd roommate anymore until he hands over cash and signs a lease.

Last night I went down to buckheads for the beer olympics (lol) with a bunch of people. Adam and me were partners, and they had 3 games. 3 legged race / beer pong / nerf arrow. It was so gay but it was fun too. We came in like 2nd to last in the 3 legged race and i have a huge bruise on my upper right calf today. We won our first round in beer pong then get destroyed in our 2nd game. And i have no idea about that nerf arrow.

It was a pretty fun night until i got too drunk. I was drinking heavily the whole night, kind of hard not too when so much stuff was free there. We got free pitchers of beer for each game in that beer pong tournament. We got free drinks from 8-10 for participating in the beer olympics. Basically i drank 10$ worth of stuff when we got there at 7, and then the rest of the night was free basically. After 10pm was over, I ordered 8 shots of patron, 4 of us were gunna take 2 each, which came to a total of like 50$ or so. I had a tab open so i told them to put it under that, and when i closed my tab with my waitress, my bill was only 10$. So i guess some1 was mad when they see 8 shots of patron on their bill that they didn't do. I was feeling sick and Adam could tell so we left around 10:30 or so.

When we got back to his place i told him im probably going to puke, and he said yea i know. So he got me a trash can and put it right next to me and said puke in here, im like yea obviously, and then i passed out.

I wake up with puke all over me of course, dont remember puking at all. It was all over his couch and white carpet too. He still lives with his mom, and i have done this before, so i knew she would flip on me if she saw it. I looked at my phone and it was 4:30 AM, so i was happy when i saw that because i knew i had time to clean it up. I was still hammered, had puke all over me, and im trying to clean up my puke. I dont really remember how i cleaned it up, i just know i looked at it and it looked pretty clean, so i left and jumped into my car.

I turn my car on, was still drunk and i already have a DUI so i didn't want to risk that, so i passed out and woke up at 7:30 with about a 1/4 tank of gas gone, and i text Adam on my way home.

"A - i puked
B - I cleaned it up tho for the most part, i dont remember puking tho"

He sends me a text about a hour later which i couldn't stop laughing at for a while

"A - You did a awful job at cleaning it up
B - I cleaned it after Tina freaked
C - She said you cant come over ever again"

Cant blame her i guess. Second time puking at her house, i also accidently put a pretty nice sized hole in their wall.

At least Adam puked inside my car last week and i dropped him off and had to clean it up the next day, doesn't make me feel as bad about this.

Was supposed to drive up to State College today and spend the day / night there, but i feel like shit. I miss State College and i really wanted to go, but oh well. Ill be there in late March for a bar tour, so cant wait for that.

Probably will just grind some SNGS today, and play a full MTT schedule tommorow. Had a pretty good week in my SNGS, and Saturdays are the best day to play them, so even as hungover as i am, i should still make some good money, well see though.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Had a good day yesterday, which is great because my month has been going awful so far. I haven't been putting in the volume that i should be all year, and the last few days my volume has been sub par. I'm not mad for the last few days because i have been very busy with a lot of stuff and Sunday i did MTT schedule and went pretty deep in the Sunday million and the F40 40$ 1 mill tournament. Cashed for about 600 in both, pretty frustrating but what can you do. I fully plan on meeting my 150-200 games a day goal for most days, and i just hope things turn around. Yesterday was a good start, didn't play a ton but i had a pretty good day. Here's my stats for Feb 1st - 15th. And then my stats for just Yesterday (Feb 16th)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where is my motivation????

Poker has been such a grind lately, and i am not even playing that much. I played very low volume for most of the start of the year, ran pretty hot and won a good bit of money, and now the heater is gone and im breaking even on like the last 2 weeks, and im putting in the same shitty volume. There is no excuse for the lack of play so far this year, i really need to step it up.

Poker is my income, my job, my life right now, yet i find it hard to get motivation to play more. I have prop bets, people doubting what i do, etc, and i can't find the motivation to play more? Its a fucking joke.

With more volume, obviously i will make a lot more money, give myself a better shot to beat Alex in our prop bet, and with more money, it will prove to the doubters that i have, that this was the right path for me to take.

Dont get me wrong, i am still making good money, and i am on pace to make about 100k this year, but should i be content with that? Its honestly a fucking joke that more than half the time i am at home and on my computer, i spend the time playing video games, surfing the web, or just bullshitting on aim or skype. If i spent those hours grinding, i could be on pace for 200k this year, there is honestly no excuse for me to not do it.

Enough of this play when i feel like it bullshit, i am going to force myself to play 200 + games a day everyday starting tommorow. I am not going to set a schedule just because i know i would never keep it. But i will meet my 200 games a day mark every day that i play poker. I got to quit being lazy, every hour i dont play is like throwing away 80-90$ because thats what my hourly averages at when i play poker, only a dumb ass would throw away that kind of money, daily. This stops right now.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So me and one of my best friends Adam have been looking at places to move into the last couple of months. The location we want is in the south side of Pittsburgh. We have looked and looked and there honestly isn't too much up for grabs. We found a nice 3BR place that we wanted, and it was the first place we actually filled out a application for.

So we bring along Dave, one of our very good friends, to fill the 3rd bedroom and to make things cheaper. Plus he is looking for cheap rent, because hes cheap (literally, his nickname is cheap), so we thought that giving him the smaller 3rd bedroom would be perfect for everybody. We all filled out applications, and they were really concerned with mine, as i have no "official" source of income. But Dave and Adams credit was good, both have jobs in good standing etc, and my dad came along as a cosigner for me, so it was all good. (seriously tho... like 1k a month between 3 people, i offered to show bank statements, why the fuck do you need a cosigner)

Anyways, me and Adam sign the lease yesterday afternoon, and Dave was there but did not sign the lease, he planned on doing it today because he wanted to look at his room more. Hes a cheapo so he was taking the 3rd bedroom which was smaller, if we pay early we get a discount on the rent (920$ a month instead of 995) and he would pay 220, and me and Adam would pay 350.

We all met up for dinner last night at Rock Bottom to talk about things, what we all had to bring to the place, and what else we were going to need, etc. Dave was worried about the size of his room, and was thinking about how he was going to fit everything into his room. Adam and myself we were coming up with a few ideas to make it work for him, honestly it would not be hard at all, the room isn't even that small. He was thinking of every little detail excuse he could to counter us, he said his hockey bag would be knocking shit over in his room when he came home from hockey... honestly, your hockey bag comes up, are you fucking serious dude? He lived up at PSU with a roommate in a smaller room, so i honestly don't know how hard it is to fit everything into a room that's bigger, just for himself. That was a red flag for me right there that he was backing out, especially since hes known for doing this kind of shit all the time, especially with breaking plans, but i was being hopeful. Adam and myself gave him our part of the security deposit and first months rent so when he would go to the place today he would be able to get the keys.

But obviously, he goes to the place today, and calls us earlier today saying that his shit wouldn't be able to fit in such a small room, and he wasn't going to sign the lease. And to boot, the landlords (husband and wife, private owners) say that without Dave, we can not move in because of my situation. Me and adam are perfectly fine with paying a extra 110 a month, but they wont do it.

Are you fucking serious? I offered to show u bank statements, i have a fucking co signer for fucks sake. What is the big deal??? I Know a few poker people who moved out as their only source of income, and got the place because of advanced payments/bank statements. So i know this is just the landlords being anti gambling or something, hopefully for future places the landlords are more understandable.

But yea, thanks to Dave for dragging as along for something you knew you weren't going to do. You saw the place before, you saw your bedroom already. I do not buy for 1 second you are worried about the size of the room, you lived with Matt at Penn State in a smaller room and made it work. Your one of my best friends, I have known you since 2nd grade, but seriously quit thinking for yourself. You lie about everything, and we have caught you in your lies so many times yet you still do it. Its one thing to break plans, oh fucking well i guess your not coming, no big deal. But its another to make my dad and I drive 45 minutes to south side on awful roads to sign a lease, plus making Adam drive down 20 minutes on the same road conditions to sign a lease. A lease you knew well before we went down that you weren't going to sign. You wasted our time + made us drive in risky conditions for something you knew you weren't going to do, good job pal.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Goal update

So i made a list of goals that i wanted to achieve in 2010. This is how i am doing so far.


- At least 3-4 leaderboards on sharkscope - (on 2, almost on 2 others)

- At least 75k profit (including rakeback)- up 7,144 without RB, with RB i am up 8,235, way ahead pace.

- Play on own dime By July - still playing backed.

- Win the prop bet vs Alex (msusyr24) - Our prop bet is most SNG profit for the first half of 2010, and the last half of 2010, and also for overall 2010, each one is worth 2k to the winner, if some1 wins all 3 they win 8k... currently he is winning, he has almost 8,500 in profit, and i am sitting on a little over 7,100

- Find a coaching website, whether it starting my own, or joining somebody elses, and make some extra $$ by coaching and making videos. - this is in the works as we speak. not giving any info out on that yet though


- Play 0 online cash games the whole year, this has cost me a good bit of money in the past, and i do not want to play any cash at all in 2010. (except live)

Already failed as this, im down about 200-300 $ in cash so far this year, up about 400 in mixed, and down like 600 in NLHE - PLO


- Hit at least 1 score over 10k - no
- Hit 10 scores over 1k - no
- Play on weekends only (except turbo mtts) - yes
- Keep my volume in MTTS small, and focus on SNGS mostly. - yes
- Play in at least 5 events for wsop 2010 - obv hasn't happened yet


- Get my weight down to 170-175... i currently weigh 205, would do this by running 5-6 days a week, and lifting 2-3 days a week, plus eating healthy - currently down to 193, and going to keep working

- Pay off my car (about 8k left on the car loan) - not yet

- quit smoking, i do not want to stop immediatly, i would like to sort out some other things in my life first, but i would like to be done with smoking b4 June. - not yet

- Work on my relationship with my family - its improving, lot of work still to do

- If everything goes well in 2010, i would like to purchase a house in the later part of the year. - haven't done yet.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I will be posting here about shit in real life, but mostly a boring poker blog. I had a couple blogs in the past that i never committed to, and really want to make this one work.