Saturday, April 23, 2011


I can't bring myself to play on the merge networks, or bodog, or whatever else is available, so I have been playing live, and lots of it.

I have played 7 of the past 8 days since April 15th, and I have logged in roughly 65 hours. I have had 4 winning days, and 3 losing days. The most I won in 1 day was 1,300, and the most I lost in 1 day was 1,500. Overall I am up about 700$ since the transition. I should be up over 2k, but I am such a huge degen and blackjack / roulette / craps have taken me for almost 1,500.

My plan moving forward is to play as much 1/3 as I can at the casino. I have logged in 10 hours or so playing 2/5 and just don't feel my hourly will be higher at 2/5 than 1/3. It sounds crazy I guess but the 2/5 games there are awful. Old guys who don't play a single hand, combined with the rake problems. If i steal the blinds, which happens a lot when I raise at that game, they take 1$ for badbeat jackpot every hand, and 10% up to 5$. This means when I steal the blinds, my 5$ gets added to the 7$ in the pot, which makes a 12$ pot, and they take 2$ from that (1$ for rake, 1$ for BadBeatJackpot). So when I steal the blinds, I make a 5$ profit off the 7$ I stole. If there was action, and big pots happened a lot, the rake would actually not be that bad as they max it at 5$ (which is actually 6$ if you include the badbeat jackpot). The problem is big pots don't really happen that often though, and when they do I lose almost all of them due to the old guys only play the nuts.

I plan on doing live hard for the next month or so, I will leave for Chester, PA (Near philly) in about a week. From there I will travel to New Orleans. Both of those citys will have WSOPC's there and action should be extremely juicy. After doing ST Louis I can't wait to get back into that kind of atmosphere where 2/5 is extremely soft, and live tournaments that are 350$+, that play like a 3$ MTT online, with very decent payouts.

I need to move out of my place by May 15th, I will move out most of my stuff this upcoming week, and finish when I get back from Chester. After I come back from New Orleans I will probably be at my parents house. I really hate living with them, and It really sucks but it wont be long. I may just hotel it for a couple of weeks to be honest.

My cousins wedding is on June 4th, and after that I have nothing keeping me in Pittsburgh so moving out of the country is a option, well see what happens.

I regret my last blog post because who am I to bitch about my situation when it can be a lot worse. I consider myself great at adapting in all kinds of situations, and that's really all I gotta do right now.


  1. if ur ever gonna cut it long term in this biz, u need to cut out the degenning/blackjack/craps/roulette! GL kid